Incogem was founded by Charles Weinstein in 1978. Charles was born in Belgium in 1915; he was drafted into the Belgium Army into the Medical Corps during World War II. He and his family were separated during the war but managed to survive and were later reunited once the war ended.

Charles Weinstein - Creator of Incogem Floating Diamond Pendant

Charles traveled throughout Europe before moving to New York. There he worked as a traveling salesman and his travels lead him to Africa. In Africa, Charles learned quickly and started buying and selling diamonds. His efforts were soon noticed by The DeBeers Company and they offered him a job. He worked for the famous diamond maker for 10 years, setting up purchasing centers in several African countries.

Charles Weinstein - Creator of Incogem Floating Diamond Pendant

After DeBeers, Charles operated a successful jewelry business in Los Angeles for many years. As he grew older he dreamed of a more tranquil lifestyle and gravitated to the peace he found in Coachella Valley. After a brief semi-retirement, the lure of diamonds drew him back into the business. Charles set out to create a new and unique piece of jewelry that showcased the beauty of the diamond from all angles. He lived and worked in the Valley for 35 years until his passing in 2013.

Incogem Floating Diamond PendantCharles created the Floating Diamond Pendant... diamonds embedded in clear Lucite framed in a gold pendant, and that was the birth of Incogem.



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